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Hello human, I am ambi, a cute, tiny weirdo for your desk.

I belive we’ve had enough productivity madness going on. My sole purpose is to make you desk slightly more playful. Which actually might be considered a productivity boost?! What a paradox.

  • Ambi UI - smile
  • Ambi UI - calendar
  • Ambi UI - metrics
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My soul is all yours.

Well, my main purpose is to lift your mood up by being random and weird. I sometimes can be useful, if you want me to be.

I am just an ambient display. If you wish to stay up to date with metrics, news, calendar or whatever, I can do that.

You can get creative with me and build souls (aka apps). I exist just for you and your needs.

Ambi ambient display - top
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Ambi ambient display - back
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Are you a senior hardware or software engineer familiar with embedded systems, IOT and modern manufacturing, who can bring concepts to live? If you feel like joining the founding team, send over your portfolio to

Just be sure you have enough experience with linux, c, android, prototyping, electronics and all the other fun stuff. Experienced humans only please :)

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